TriStar MR16 RGB 12VDC or 12VAC
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    High Power 5 Watt

  • RGB Color changing lamp.
  • No UV or thermal radiation
  • Bi-Pin MR16 Base
  • IR-1627 Remote Controller can be
    used for color changing and control.
  • Beam Angel: 60°,  Optional beam
    angle of  30° with Lens
  • Multiple lamps can be connected
  • Auto  frequency sensing function &
    synchronization, when multiple lamps
    are connected with same AC power

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    MR16 RGB Version:  

    LIGHT PURPLE GRASS GREEN and more... Color changing method; Power
    On/Off 1second or 5 second color changing mode. Fade Change  and Smooth
    Change, default color mix is 6 colors.

    High output Tri-Star LED lamp, MR16 Bi-Pin base. Equivalent to a 25 watt halogen
    bulb uses only 5 watts of power which is 70% less energy usage, life expectancy of
    35,000 hours about 15 times longer then a halogen incandescent lamp. Ideal usage
    includes track lighting and spot lighting, all household and commercial application,
    marine and RV requirements. Low voltage power supplies are required.

    Since Long life of these lamps  makes them ideal for always-on applications and/or
    hard to reach locations, no need to replace the lamp every few months. Low heat
    technology makes them ideal for temperature sensitive locations as well.

    Other Technical Specs and Features:

    Operating Temp: - 20° C  ~  50° C
    Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90%
    Operating life: >35,000 Hours
    Lumen Maintenance: 70% min after 35,000 Hours
    Voltage: 10V ~ 17V DC/AC or 120V/240V AC
    Power Consumption: < 5W, Power Supply Current <500mA.
    Equivalent to a 25 watt halogen bulb
    Safety Compliance: CE, RoHS, EU-LVD

    Note: For 12VAC applications Toroidal or Mechanical Transformers are highly  
    recommended, electronic transformer compatibility is not Guaranteed.

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    IR-1627 Remote Controller

  • Us a line switch or TriStar's color
    changing mode
  • Use with Tristar Solid colors or
    RGB Color changing lamps.
  • IR-1627 Remote Controller can be
    used for color changing and control.

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Remote Controller

    IR-1627 Remote Controller for DMX & RGB Lamps

  • Four color-changing patterns: Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth.
  • 16 single colors.
  • 4 Light intensity adjustment keys.
  • Dimensions: 95 (L) x 50 (W) x 5 (D) mm

    Multi color rendering with IR-1627 Remote controller. Change colors and control
    light intensity, 4 modes; Memory, Flash mode "change colors every second",
    Strobe mode "change colors every 5 seconds", Fade mode "change 16 colors
    quickly" and Smooth mode change 16 colors slowly".

    Up to 16 colors;  RED Green Blue Magenta Light Blue Cyan Amber Light Purple
    Grass Green and more... This controller also works with DMX lamps setup & cancell
    keys via RS485, setup Tristar-RGB-DMX-LED Lamp ID addresses.

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